About LeJourney

LeJourney is a Learning Adviser. LeJourney is a Learning Companion. Get the right program for your child or yourself in minutes. Say bye bye to browsing numerous program providers’ websites and searching for what others say about them. Through LeJourney, you will get the latest update on program descriptions, personalise your learning journey and read non-biased reviews from parents or other learners before you make any enrolment. Everything simply done through your mobile device in one single platform.

LeJourney is a super app where it makes extensive use of the mobile capabilities to provide a personal experience for every learner.  Learners can easily locate for programs by browsing through LeJourney or make use of the built-in profiling engine to identify their personalized learning style. Through this, LeJourney is able to recommend the right program to the learner based on the results of his/her profile, distance to location and 3rd party reviews. We believe relevancy is important for optimal learning effectiveness.

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