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About LeJourney

Say goodbye to the good old days of browsing through countless numbers of education websites, comparing across reviewers of enrichment courses, or worrying about crying kids in trial classes. Introducing LeJourney – your very own personal learning adviser & companion. On this platform, members get the latest information and updates on the different education facilities listed on our portal, personalise your child’s learning journey, as well as read reviews from parents and learners before committing to any enrolments. All this can be done seamlessly on your mobile device.

How does this super app work?

We understand that every child is different and unique in their own ways, thus, their learning styles will also vary. LeJourney optimises the potential of machine learning to provide the best personal experience for the learner. This tool enables solid and effective results from the built-in profile engine designed to identify each and every learner’s flairs, strengths and interests. This creates a personalised learning “style” for the learner. We strongly believe relevancy is crucial for optimising learning effectiveness.

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