How LeJourney Works

Unlock Your Child's Potential
The 7 questions crafted are based on the “7 Multiple Intelligences” Philosophy by Professor Howard Gardner. These questions identify the learning style of your child, and recommend the right activities, programmes and classes in relation to the class type and teaching style.
Identify Your Child's Learning Style
This charts your child’s learning style – understanding how your child learns can make their experience a more effective and memorable one. 
Learner’s List
This shows all the classes that your child is booked for. With all the details, you will never have to worry about being disorganised or missing a class!
Take Control & Customise
Find what you need with LeJourney’s Magic Filter Search Bar – use the filter function to find the perfect fit - school location, status, age group, school, type of class, date, fees, even by using keywords! 
Non-Biased Review
Reviews contributed by parents or learners are non-biased and accurate. Having an evaluation or appraisal done by another parent or learner will give good feedback on the style, standard and merits of the class. 
Earn As You Learn
Sounds too good to be true? We recognise that learning can take up a bulk of your time so we hope to reward you when you come on board as a LeJourney member. eCredits is a point system that allows you to earn credits, and these credits can be used to offset class enrolments. eCredits can be obtained when you book classes, refer friends and write reviews!
Watch List What’s Popular
Some classes that are popular may be fully booked. When you watch list a preferred class, you will be notified when there are spaces available.
Star Classes
Receive the latest updates and promotions through push notifications – Information on our recently accredited star classes, new program providers, and more!