About LeJourney App

LeJourney is a mobile APP that plays a role of learning adviser and a personal companion for the learner. It is also a marketplace platform for all our learning alliance partners to market and sell their contents and programs. It makes extensive use of the mobile capabilities to provide a personal experience to every learner.  Learners can easily locate their programs by browsing through LeJourney or make use of the built-in profiling engine to identify their personalized learning style. With this, LeJourney is able to recommend the right program to the learner base on the results of his/her profile, distance to location and 3rd party reviews.  We believe relevancy is important for optimising learning effectiveness.

Team & Credits

James Ho, Rita Tsai, Charlie Hsu, Liwei Sung, Andy Yang, Ginny Lee, Peter Hsieh, Wilson Liao, Terry Yen ; 2017: Yade Chen, Nielsen Wu